Matt Houston is CEO of Collaborative Culture LLC, a Professor of Entrepreneurship & Leadership at the University of North Texas at the Dallas School of Business, and a North Texas Influencer.

Originally from the Oak Cliff area of Dallas, Texas, Matt uses his platform to share helpful information on economic development, education, and leadership development.

On his blog, as well as his YouTube channel and Instagram page, he shares healthy lifestyle tips, embracing diversity as well as connecting with family and friends to stay grounded and humble. Additionally, he offers styling advice for business professionals as well as providing resources to small businesses to help them grow their business.  

Matt Houston is on a mission to articulate his thoughts on how to become a better person and to illuminate his actions personally, professionally, and civically. His inspiration comes from several sources which include things he learned from his parents, friends, and others; life lessons, and observations of his environment.  

Houston is committed to driving change specifically in the area of economic equality for all. He believes that the path to success is through education and business creation. To that end, he works tirelessly to advocate for new businesses, wealth and job creation, and communities that create and value their economic engines.

As CEO of Collaborative Culture LLC, Houston provides economic development consulting services to developers for master planning. Additionally, he is responsible for bridging community and corporate relations. Also, he provides ways for community members to talk to developers so they can build relationships and develop catalytic projects together. 

As a Professor at the University of North Texas at the Dallas School of Business, Houston teaches Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Topics in Entrepreneurship. Teaching gives him the unique opportunity to share his knowledge with inquisitive students. 

His other responsibilities at UNT Dallas include researching with the Urban SERCH Institute as well as developing partnerships with community organizations and the school.

Furthermore, Houston conducts research on social entrepreneurship in the Dallas area and building economic ecosystems. Also, he helps build programs so that business owners and communities can be equipped with self help. 

Lastly, Houston serves on the board of the Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce which allows him to create partnerships with UNT Dallas to build programming for Chamber members. Furthermore, this role helps advocate for the growth and creation of businesses that support the Black community. Lastly, Matt is Vice Chair of African American Texas Association Chambers of Commerce which supports 25 local Black Chambers in Texas.

Matt Houston is a Community Influencer who enjoys building and collaborating. He is constantly working to advocate for economic equality, diversity and small businesses. With dedication and commitment, Mr. Matt Houston is on a mission to create a better world for all.