To My White Friends and Family. 

Death of Me

To my white friends and family,I love you all but some of the stuff I’m going to say next may upset you but know that I’m saying it out of love and to give you perspective. This will be long, but stick with me.

Stop with the confederate flag. Seriously. While you may say it’s heritage, for others like my black friends and family see it as hate. You will never understand this. I will never understand this because frankly I got a little bit of your privilege growing up “white.”
Yes, it’s a shame that you can no longer buy confederate merchandise but that’s how economics works. The people complain, the companies respond by removing it off the shelf. I wish I was still able to get supersize fries at McDonalds but more people complained than supported. It’s the right thing to do to remove a flag that represents…

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