Big Block Of Cheese Day

I didn’t get into the West Wing until a year ago, so even though I’m about 10 years behind, it’s better to be late than never experience it at all!!! Ha!

On a serious note, I thank Netflix for allowing me to watch a show that’s arguably one of the most influential series placed on network TV; not just because it was 7 seasons of witty, smart comedy during a time when America was thirsting for comfort while during the roughest time in current history domestically; but because it enlightened us on how the Executive Branch operates, and how people in those positions are “human”.

One amazing thing they illuminated on the show was an episode where the senior staff had to entertain the most out rages segments of our society: aliens, meteors, attacking mountaineers, etc. this was the big block of cheese day, a day when every citizen, no matter how weird, abstract, or “irrelevant”, were heard from the most powerful house in the country.  Though the show did an amazing job creating comedy to entertain us, allowing the everyday American this opportunity is SO crucial in terms of inclusion of people, which results in more engagement and love for our country.

When I saw the above clip, I saw the Obama Administration embraced today’s technology to hear from the people; a feat that I doubt crossed his predecessors’ minds.  This, like a number of things he’s done the last 7 years, not only give me hope (as an African American man), but includes me into the American Dream; something that’s taken for granted to most privledged individuals, but coming from decenants of slaves and the oppressed, allows me to see our progress. 

Let’s ensure everyone gets a chance to contribute- no matter how small, weird, or “irrelevant”. The sheer input of inclusion can develop confidence in people to become productive members in society. 

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  1. Kameron King says:

    I absolutely LOVE IT Sir! Since we’re talkin’ and all… just wanted to say, I must admit that I don’t know too much about you; and you of me of course. But just know this, I’m a regular dude who is from the city and would appreciate the opportunity to help improve it in the best ways possible. I missed the coffee shop outing last week, but I hope to catch up to you one of these days, just so we might be cordially introduced. People respect men who serve as role models… no matter their age, I’ll be in touch! Kam.

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